10 Reasons Why Fort Morgan Should Be at the Top of Your Vacation List

When planning an Alabama vacation, you’re probably considering Orange Beach or Gulf Shores. However, Fort Morgan is one of the state’s hidden gems that will offer everything you’re looking for in a beach getaway. Here are 10 reasons why you should be considering a Fort Morgan Beach rental for your next vacation.

Beach in Fort Morgan

1. Gorgeous Beaches

As with most of the Gulf Shore, the beaches in Fort Morgan are not to be missed. They’re not nearly as crowded as they are in more touristy locations, so your whole family will have plenty of shoreline. The beaches on Fort Morgan are not very developed, but they are open to the public and allow you to see the gorgeous Gulf waters just as they should be.

2. Drink on the Beach

Typically, you aren’t allowed to bring alcohol onto the beach with you. Not in Fort Morgan! Bring your favorite beer or margarita to enjoy as you watch the waves go by. 

Make sure to bring a lunch and all your beach supplies with you as well to spend the entire day enjoying the shore.

3. Fewer Crowds

Since Fort Morgan is still under the radar, there aren’t as many people staying here. That’s a good thing for you, since it allows you to mingle with the locals and avoid the overcrowded and overpriced lodging in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

Gulf Shores access Fort Morgan Vacation

4. Close to Gulf Shores

While Fort Morgan itself is full of fun attractions, there are tons of things to do in Gulf Shores. You can easily get to the area for a full day of fun! You’re also only a 45-minute drive from Orange Beach, where you can continue the adventure.

5. Small Town Charm With History

Fort Morgan is perfect for the history buff in your group, as the rich story of the area is sure to capture anyone’s attention. There are plenty of unique historical sites for you to enjoy, adding a unique twist to your getaway. Be sure to spend a day at the Fort Morgan Historical Site!

6. Explore Nature

For nature lovers, there are a variety of wildlife refuges and nature preserves in Fort Morgan. Even if you don’t go somewhere specifically to watch the nature, you can always find a beautiful bird flying by, or you might even get lucky and spot a sea turtle or dolphin! There’s also plenty of opportunity for fishing at any skill level.

Fort Morgan is a pet-friendly vacation getaway

7. Pet Friendly

Fort Morgan prides itself on being pet friendly, so your furry friend doesn’t have to miss out on any of the fun! The privately-owned beaches allow dogs to run around, there are several pet friendly eateries in the area, and there are many pet friendly beach rentals available.

8. Easy Access

Just because Fort Morgan is small doesn’t mean it’s hidden. It’s an easy destination to reach, so you won’t feel trapped once you arrive, and you can easily take a day trip to a nearby city.

9. Variety

Since you’re avoiding the crowds of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, you’ll have your pick of rental options. There are rentals for groups of any size and any budget, and staff is always willing to accommodate for your needs.

10. Escape Distractions

One of the best parts of a vacation is the ability to connect with your family. Fort Morgan gives you the perfect excuse to put the phones away, forget about your everyday stresses, and truly reconnect with the ones you love most.

Plan Your Visit

Is Fort Morgan calling your name yet? We can’t wait to have you! Contact us today for more information on our Gulf Shore beach rentals in Fort Morgan, AL.