A Day Trip to Waterville USA

waterville gulf shores waterpark

Escape away to the most impressive family-friendly adventure in Alabama at Waterville USA. It is a massive 20-acre water park in the city of Gulf Shores. It offers amusements, big rides, and time to relax under the sun for your next family vacation getaway.

Don’t miss out on Waterville. Below is your handy overview of this accomplished park.

The Rides

The rides range from big thrills to relaxing excursions. You can go on the high-octane Great White, Gold Rush, or Rainbow Falls.

The Great White carries you through a long and wide tube through the mouth of a Great White shark. The Gold Rush is a family-friendly tube ride that twists and turns as you are carried to the pool.

The Jet Stream is an adrenaline-pumping free slide through a semi-vertical and transparent shaft. Go ahead and take the leap to rocket down 350-feet of thrilling turns. The rides are a big part of the fun for older kids and parents who can handle the slides.

The Many Activities of Waterville

There are things to do here for all ages, including slower paced rides for children and older adults.

The North Shore Pool Wave is a nice place to just relax and lounge around. It can be a fun activity for kids to play in the shallow pool or to take the younger kids into the deeper end with the help of adults.

Shrimp Boat Village is a big playground area, with aerial boardwalks underneath big buckets of water perfectly timed to pour on unfortunate passersby. You have things to pull, spin, slide down, and climb in this colorful waterside playground.

The Flow Rider is a fantastic boogie-boarding activity where eager participants try to stay on their board against a constant wave funnel that keeps the amusement going on all day. It’s a great place to test your balance and surfing abilities.

The water park also has an amusement side that features an escape house, an arcade, go-kart racing, mini-golf and more.


Park admission is $35.95 for general admission. This gives you access to all park ride features and all water park activities.

Activities in the amusement side may cost extra and can be purchased individually. Discount rates are applied for seniors, military, and children under 42.” Ages 2 and under are free.
Nearby Places to Eat

You couldn’t find a quicker way to build up an appetite that spending a day at a water park. We understand if you want to sit down and dine somewhere instead of eating inside the park.

Fortunately, the Original Oyster House (701 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542) is only a block south of the park. You can also find the laid-back King Neptune’s Seafood Restaurant (1137 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542) a block north.

Head south of the park to find many beachside restaurants and a bustling town center of shops and other places to see.

A Day Trip to Waterville USA and Gulf Shores

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