Are There Sea Turtles in Alabama?

Fort Morgan, Alabama is a popular family vacation destination, as it offers all the sun and sand of the beach without as many crowds as other coastal states. There are so many activities and attractions including great spots for fishing in Fort Morgan to enjoy. After working up an appetite you can grab a bite at various Fort Morgan and nearby Gulf Shores restaurants. Many visitors wonder if they’ll be able to spot the majestic and elusive sea turtle.

These creatures are a sight to see, and in Alabama, you won’t be disappointed.

sea turtle nesting season alabama

About Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are some of the ocean’s oldest and most breathtaking creatures. They’ve been around since the dinosaurs lived, approximately 110 million years ago. There are about seven species still in existence: leatherback, green, loggerhead, Kemp’s Ridley, Olive Ridley, Hawksbill, and Flatback.

Sea turtles dine on sea creatures such as shrimp, algae, mollusks, and crabs. Different subspecies may eat slightly different offerings.

Turtles mainly stay in temperate and warm waters, and they’re known to migrate hundreds or thousands of miles to nest. They also return to the nesting grounds in which they were born to continue the life cycle.

This is only an introduction to the sea turtles. You can learn even more about sea turtles, in the ocean as well as the Gulf, at

Will You See Them in Alabama?

You may be surprised. Despite being tucked away at the very upper point of the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama is the perfect location to find an abundance of sea turtles.

When do sea turtles hatch on the Gulf coast? July to October sees thousands of sea turtles make their way to the gorgeous white shores of Alabama to lay their eggs. Since newborn turtles may have a tough time finding their way to the ocean, Share the Beach volunteers are on hand to help direct them.

In Alabama, beach goers are likely to spot loggerheads, Kemp’s Ridleys, and green sea turtles. The loggerhead is the most recognizable and the largest, sometimes weighing in at up to 500 pounds! The green sea turtle is next in size, weighing up to 400 pounds. The Kemp’s Ridley is often smaller, at about 100 adorable pounds maximum.

Several cities on Alabama’s coast are home to sea turtles. One of the best places to spot these animals is Fort Morgan, where sea turtles return year after year. By securing beachfront rentals in Fort Morgan, you’re virtually guaranteed to witness these animals up close and personal.

sea turtle nesting season Fort Morgan

What to Do if You See a Sea Turtle

When you’re in Alabama sea turtle tracking, there are several steps you can take to ensure the animal’s comfort and safety. One main element that impacts turtles is light. Most sea turtles prefer to nest in the dark, so don’t use flashlights, and if you’re staying on the beach, keep patio lights off at night. There are even local laws demanding you keep outdoor lighting to a minimum.

When you stumble upon a nest, don’t interfere. There is a risk of startling or hurting the wildlife. If you see tracks going to or from a nest, leave those alone, too. These tracks help volunteers find nests to lead newborn turtles to sea.

Finally, if you have the time, volunteer! It’s a risky journey for baby sea turtles from nest to ocean, and unfortunately, many do not survive. It’s only with the help of volunteers that the sea turtle population stays stable. For more information on how to become a Share the Beach volunteer, please visit

Places to Stay

There are pet-friendly Fort Morgan rentals for animal lovers that can put you face to face with sea turtles. During sea turtle nesting season in Alabama, many flock to the shores to witness this majestic movement.

Be sure to contact us today to secure your vacation home. Our beachfront homes can suit any budget and are perfect if you have a larger group to accommodate. We can also provide more information about sea turtles and other exciting things to do and see in the area.