Best Places to Kayak in Fort Morgan

fort morgan kayaking

When vacationing in the Fort Morgan area, one of the major things of interest is spending time on the water. The good news is there’s no shortage of fun water sports for you to try out during your time here.

One of the most popular ways to explore the water in Fort Morgan is by kayak. There are a seemingly endless number of places to kayak near Gulf Shores. The sport is easy to pick up for people of all skill levels, and it’s simple to rent all the equipment you need and find a great place to go and check out or book a guided tour.

Where to Go

There are so many fantastic spots to check out by water during your trip to Fort Morgan. The area is surrounded by wonderful bays, rivers, beaches, and other bodies of water that make it a total breeze to find somewhere perfect to paddle around for the day.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation and some rest, or a more intense adventure, there are locations for whatever type of kayaking you’re looking to do. Some top locations to take your kayaks include Bon Secour River, Little Lagoon, Lake Shelby in Gulf State Park, Perdido Pass, and Wolf Bay.

Kayaking near Gulf Shores will take you throughout the rivers, lagoons and coastline around the Fort Morgan area.

Types of Kayaking

In addition to where you can head to enjoy some kayaking, there are also several different types of kayaking you can try out. From nature kayaking, to fishing from a kayak, to group tours—Fort Morgan offers something for everyone.

Go on a nature tour through the waterways of the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge and you’re sure to encounter some of the area’s native animals. From fish, to turtles, and a wide population of birds, there are different types of wildlife year round to keep your eyes peeled for.

If you’re looking for something a little more hands on, you can try out kayak fishing. This water sport combines two well-loved activities. As previously mentioned, it’s easy to spot lots of different kinds of fish in the bodies of water in and around Fort Morgan.

Kayaking in the area and taking a fishing pole along will offer the chance to get up close and personal with the fish native to this area. Plus, if you visit Fort Morgan during the right time of year, you might even be able to find some spots offering kayak-fishing lessons.

If you want to explore the waterways of the area while getting a history or a nature lesson, kayak tours are the way to go. Many group kayak tours from local providers show you the area from a totally new perspective. It’s a fun and active way to get a lay of the land and learn something at the same time.

Check out local gear outfitters near your Fort Morgan vacation rentals such as Go Go Kayaks and Beach Bum Services.

Kayak Rentals

There are several local companies that offer kayak rentals and will give you all the equipment you need to get going on the water. Whether you know what you’re doing or if you’re a first timer, the professionals at the rental spots will make sure you feel confident and ready to go out on the water safely and have a good time.

Some local companies that do kayak rentals include Go Go Kayaks. This business offers single or tandem kayaks and will deliver them right to your vacation rental along with everything else you need. Rates vary from day long to weeklong rentals.

Beach Bum Services is another good local company for rentals and also offers single or two-person kayaks. They rent based on a weekly price, and will include a life jacket with your rental if you need one as well.

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