Rental Policies

Check In & Check Out Times
Check In: 4:00 P.M.
Check Out: 10:00 A.M.
Brochure prices do not carry over to the next year.

Mail Payments To:
Fort Morgan Realty
6930 St. Hwy 180
Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Hello, and thank you for choosing Fort Morgan Realty.

You will receive confirmation after your payment has been processed. Full payment is due 45, 60, or 90 days prior to arrival dependent upon the unit. You will be notified of the due date for your specific reservation.


If you must cancel, change dates, or change properties, please call us (251-540-7325) or email us ( as soon as possible. If you choose NOT to purchase trip insurance, no refunds will be issued inside the cancellation date range for any reason, including illness, hurricanes, and other similar events.

Initial Reservation Payment:
Your initial reservation payment applies to your rent upon arrival.

Upon processing your Initial Reservation Payment, you will receive written confirmation. This must be paid in full to continue the reservation of your unit. If your balance is less than $500, the full payment is due that this time. Because you are responsible for the accuracy of your dates and unit, please check your confirmation carefully, and call us immediately with any necessary corrections; otherwise.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, cashier’s check, or money order. Check-in locations are noted on your confirmation. Keys and directions to your unit are available after hours in a lockbox at our office, located at 6930 St. Hwy 180, Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Note: Upon your arrival you must sign a Rental License Agreement, a binding legal document, verifying that you are an adult and are financially responsible of any damage made by parties present during your occupancy date. Any reservation made under false pretense will result in eviction with loss of rent. By following through with the online reservation process, your agreement to terms and conditions is applied and assumed. Contact us immediately if you have any questions about any information contained in your confirmation.

Your responsibilities include maintaining the property in the condition you found it. This includes leaving the property reasonably clean and orderly upon departure, leaving kitchen items clean, disposing of all trash in proper outside containers, locking all windows and doors, and leaving beds unmade with linens on the floor.

Resort Rental Capacity:
The stated “Limit” is the maximum number of occupants allowed in a property at any one time (Exceptions for infants ages 2 and under). Absolutely no house parties allowed.

No Pets Allowed:
The majority of properties prohibit pets. If a pet or evidence of a pet is found in these properties, eviction and/or forfeiture of rent will occur.

Rental Policies:

Initial Reservation Payment

Initial Reservation Payment for reservations within 12 months is 30% of base rent. If you add travel insurance with your reservation, this will also be included with your Initial Reservation Payment. Note: If the grand total is less than $500, payment is due in full at time of reservation.
Initial Reservation Payment is payable via VISA, MasterCard, or Discover at reservation time.
The Initial Reservation Payment is a portion of your rent and will be applied to your grand total; therefore, it will NOT be refunded following your departure.
Payment in full at time of reservation is required if arrival occurs within 30 days.
Multiple Initial Reservation Payments are required for multiple-week reservations.

Taxes and Fees

Departure Fees vary by size of property; see confirmation for details.

Final Payment

Payment may be made by VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.
Final payment may also be paid by cashier’s check, money order, or certified funds (if received 30 days prior to arrival).

Booking Over 12 Months in Advance

Payment may be made by VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.
If the grand totally is less than $500, your entire balance will be due at this time.
Final payment may also be paid by cashier’s check, money order, or certified funds (if received 30 days prior to arrival).


A confirmation listing the rules, regulations, dates of visit, and property information will be emailed to you after your Initial Reservation Payment is processed. Carefully check the confirmation for accuracy and call (251-540-7325) or email ( immediately if any corrections are necessary; otherwise, it will be assumed correct.
Changes and Property Substitution

Rates, descriptions, (including bed sizes), furnishings, amenities (including pools, hot tubs, etc.) and availability are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE. No refunds will be issued for changes made by individual property owners or unavailable amenities.
Substitution of comparable properties may be made without notice or liability, should the property you reserved become unavailable for rent. You may choose comparable available property at the published rate or receive a refund of your Initial Reservation Payment and prepaid funds (excluding processing fee(s)).

Rental Occupancy*

The listed “LIMIT” number indicates the maximum number of occupants allowed in a Property at any one time (Exceptions for infants ages 2 and under). Units listing a range, such as “Limit 6 to 8,” refers to varying bedding arrangements provided by the individual property owner. The website description or your reservation can provide details.
Atmosphere conducive to quiet enjoyment of guest surroundings accommodations must be maintained at all times.
All rules and regulations at each property must be strictly observed.
Only responsible adults of legal contractual age may contract for renal. Legal renter named on the rental agreement must occupy the Property during the dates listed on the agreement. Identification must be furnished upon request.

Sofa Sleepers and Berth Bunk Beds

Sofa sleepers and berth bunk beds are best suited for children and may be uncomfortable for adults.
Owner’s Closets

Locked owner’s closets are not included in your rental


Garages do not have guaranteed access for guests. Most are for owner usage only and are not included in your rental.


Fireworks are strictly prohibited by law at all properties.


Firearms are prohibited at all Fort Morgan Realty facilities and Fort Morgan Realty Properties.


ISSUES: Report all maintenance issues promptly by calling 251-540-7325. Just as might occur at your own well-maintained home, mechanical failures and other breakdowns can occur. Every effort will be made to correct the situation; however, neither refunds nor rate adjustments will be made for mechanical failures.
Note: Fort Morgan Realty is not responsible for Internet service at each property. Internet service is provided by the individual owner of each property and is not in Fort Morgan Realty’s name. Fort Morgan Realty will report Internet outages and/or Internet problems to the local service provider, but is not responsible for Internet outages.
DAMAGE: Report any damage and breakage upon occurrence by calling 251-540-7325 so the matter can be settled prior to your departure. Damages found by inspection crews upon departure will be billed and full payment for repairs will be collected via credit card.
NO GUARANTEES: Working condition of pools, hot tubs, air conditioners, cable, phone, Internet service, TVs, VCRs, DVD Players, appliances, elevators, etc. are NOT guaranteed. No guarantee that pools will be heated. NO REFUNDS or rate adjustments will be made for mechanical failures and/or malfunctioning equipment/appliances. These amenities are extras provided in addition to the beach house and/or condominium rental. Although all attempts will be made to correct the situation, some break downs cannot be prevented or repaired during your occupancy.
MAINTENANCE VISITS: Maintenance technicians and vendors may access the Property for purposes of repairing previously reported issues. A form identifying the action taken will be provided at the time of the maintenance visit.
CONSTRUCTION: The continued growth of our area is evidenced by new construction that may be adjured or near existing Fort Morgan Rental vacation properties. You may reserve a Property at a time when no construction is nearby, but construction could begin prior to your arrival. We regret any inconvenience, but cannot control these situations. Refunds and/or relocations cannot be considered.


Please check in at: Fort Morgan Realty, 6930 St Hwy 180, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Check-in Time

Check-in begins at 4:00 PM for summer time rentals.
Early check-in is not possible; therefore, we encourage you to enjoy your public beaches and attractions if you arrive in the area early
Our housekeeping standards may require extra cleaning time for some properties, which may delay check-in.
Although keys may be released at 4:00PM, no guarantee is made that all Properties will be cleaned by 4:00 PM.


Please return keys to: Fort Morgan Realty, 6930 St Hwy 180, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Check-out Time

Check-out time is 10:00 AM. An early departure key drop box is provided at our office at the above address. Certain properties are equipped with electronic keyless locks that allow express check-out. Upon departure you can complete your check-out over the phone by calling 251-540-7325
Departure Responsibilities

Leave property reasonably clean and in reasonable order (additional charge may apply for any additional cleaning required).
Leave kitchen items (dishes, cookware, etc.) clean.
Dispose of all trash in proper outside containers.
Lock all doors and windows.
Leave all beds unmade with linens on the floor.

Future Reservations

For any future reservations, please call 251-540-7325 or visit our website at

Cancellations, Date Changes, and Property Changes*

30 days minimum for 1,2, or 3 bedroom house rentals
60 days minimum for 4&5 bedroom house rentals
90 days minimum for 6+ bedroom house rentals

Cancellations, date, and property changes occurring less than the slated minimum says required above will result in forfeiture of Initial Reservation Payment, rent, taxes, and fees.

*Note: See Travel Insurance information below.

Travel Protection Insurance

Fort Morgan Realty has partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to provide Sun Trip Preserver® coverage for our guests. Sun Trip Preserver provides cancellation and interruption services as well as emergency assistance and travel services. Protect yourself in the event of hurricane evacuations and family emergencies such as illness or death in the family. The travel insurance is optional and the cost is 6.95% of your total reservation stay.

To learn more about Sun Trip Preserver or to file a claim, please visit


Refunds are only issued for cancellations OUTSIDE of the cancellation date range (See “Cancellations, Date Changes, and Property Changes,” above).
NO REFUNDS are issued for cancellations or early departure due to inclement weather or personal circumstances inside the cancellation date range. Guests purchasing travel insurance (See above) may qualify for a full refund through the CSA Travel Insurance.


Décor, style, color schemes, and inventory vary since properties are individually owned. Some internet photos may differ due to owner updates or changes.


All rental properties are privately owned and Fort Morgan Realty has a contractual relationship with the owners who employ Fort Morgan Realty to act as their agents. We treat all parties (both owners and guests) honestly, fairly, and in good faith.
WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to enter the premises at any time for the purpose of inspection, repair, management, and/or showing the property to a prospective buyer.
Property may not be used for unlawful purpose.
By renting a property, you are assuming all risk and liability for any damage done to person or property, agents, employees, and/or visitors occasioned by the present and/or future condition of the premises both latent and manifest. In the event the damages occur during your occupancy, you agree to authorize Fort Morgan Realty to charge to cost of such damages to the credit card guaranteeing payment. You also agree to be responsible for and to reimburse the property owner for any applicable cost’s attorney’s fees incurred for collection of damage. Neither Fort Morgan Realty nor the Owner will be responsible for accidents and/or injury to guest(s) or loss of money/valuables of any kind.

Rental Rules

Rent is due 45 days prior to the date of your arrival.
The property may not be used for any unlawful purpose, if so, it will cause forfeiture of rent and deposit.
You must be at least 25 years of age to rent property (No Exceptions)
During Spring Break and the Summer rental season, we rent on a weekly basis either Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday depending on the unit. During off season Holidays such as Labor Day and Memorial Day there is a 3 night minimum.
Do not take the contents of the unit to the beach. Do not transfer items from one unit to another.
We will not be responsible for accident or injury to guests, or for loss of money or valuables.
We reserve the right to substitute houses should the need arise.
No refund or rate adjustment will be made due to a mechanical failure of appliance or utility or for early departure.
Please do not grill on wooden decks; we do not guarantee condition of grills.
Prices DO NOT include taxes or the cleaning and linen fee AND they are subject to change.
Upon departure, please wash and dry all dishes and put away, remove all trash from unit and put in receptacles provided. Strip beds of all sheets and pillowcases and put in pile.
Pile towel and washcloths separately
Fort Morgan Realty reserves the right to deduct any excess cleaning and or damage charges from deposit.
A security/damage deposit is required on all reservations.
No pets are allowed without the written approval of rental management. If evidence of a pet is found, it will cause the forfeiture of the damage deposit.
There will be a $20.00 charge for lost keys or after hours entry into your unit.
A 45 day notice is required for cancellation and refund of security deposit. No more occupants in the house than noted in brochure. If more are noted you will be asked to leave with forfeiture of rent and deposit.
Deposit amounts vary but all are 30% of the RENTAL RATE.
No more than two checks will be accepted for payment of rental unit, we do accept credit/debit cards, cash and E-Checks.
Please bring all beach towels, hand towels, kitchen towels, paper and soap products.
Some houses have outdoor furniture and grills, we do not guarantee the condition.
Please have all travelers’ checks signed and made out to Ft. Morgan Realty and all cash for exact amount of the rent.
There are no weddings or parties allowed at any properties at any time (NO EXCEPTIONS). If one is discovered, you will be asked to leave and will forfeit all rent and deposits.
Security Deposits are due within 10 days from the date of reservation. It is non-refundable and will apply to the rent. The balance is due 45 days prior to your arrival.
ALL RATES are subject to change. Fort Morgan Realty is not responsible for any typographical errors.