Top 5 Shops & Stores in Gulf Shores Worth Visiting

Regardless of if you are a tourist or a local, shopping in the Gulf Shores is a necessity when visiting the area! Both local, artisan shops, and well-known brands occupy shopping centers throughout the Gulf Shores area. Honestly, with the number of stores to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Rest assured, here is a complete guide to the best shopping throughout the Gulf Shores area.

The Wharf in Orange Beach

The Wharf in Orange Beach is a 222-acre entertainment district conveniently located right off the expressway. Despite its daunting size, The Wharf is truly a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. This shopping complex hosts a wide array of facilities including a movie theater, the largest Ferris Wheel in the Southeast, a full 18-hole mini-golf course, and ziplines for the adrenaline junkie in the group. When it comes to shopping, you have no shortage of options to choose with shops focusing on home décor, women’s fashion, beauty, and souvenirs as well as a wide range of restaurants featuring fine dining, seafood, and southern cuisine.

ferris wheel

When you have finished all of your shopping for local, artisan goods, take a stroll down to The Wharf’s Entertainment District. What awaits you there is nothing short of extraordinary. Each night, The Wharf hosts the SPECTRA Laser Light Experience free-of-charge to all of its patrons. This unique show uses advanced choreographed lighting effects, pop culture music, and the most up-to-date laser light systems in order to create an experience you will never forget. Once the show has concluded, feel free to stay at The Wharf and partake in any of the numerous bars, virtual reality and ax-throwing experiences, and arcades! The Wharf truly is a premier shopping destination.

SanRoc Cay

If a small, serene shopping center located on the waterfront is more your speed, stop by SanRoc Cay Marina! Each of the ten stores and boutiques located in SanRoc Cay Marina are locally owned and operated ensuring that your money will be invested back into the community. With these stores, you have the opportunity to find a wide range of goods including home décor, clothing, toys, and so much more! Between popping in and out of shops, be sure to take some time and enjoy the breathtaking views of the marina from the conveniently located boardwalk. 

After your shopping has concluded and you have sufficiently taken in the sights of the boardwalk, why not sample what the boardwalk has to offer? Visit a variety of seafood restaurants along the boardwalk and partake not only in the delicious food but the daily live music as well! Afterward, stroll on down to the San Bar and sample some refreshing drinks while you kick back and listen to live music.

Once your relaxation has wrapped up, venture down to the marina and take up any number of activities! At SanRoc Cay, you have the option to hire a fishing charter and travel out into the Gulf for a bit of fishing, explore the ecosystem by taking part in some scuba diving, or rent your own boat, grab some loved ones, cruise around, and further relax your cares away.

Original Oyster House Boardwalk

For a local gem, venture on down to the Original Oyster House Boardwalk for some fantastic food and even better shopping! The eponymous Original Oyster House will treat you to some tasty food accompanied by their own brand, Joe & Dave’s Sauces and Seasonings, to take your food to the next level. As this is a popular restaurant, there is often a wait. Don’t fret though. Simply grab a pager and enjoy some of the shopping that the Boardwalk has to offer. You’ll find a wide berth of children’s toys, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, and after-dinner dessert options from a number of the local shops within the Boardwalk.

For all the history buffs, once dinner has completed, be sure to stop by Matt’s Ice Cream located within the Original Oyster House Boardwalk for a tasty treat and an even better story. In the late 19th century, the building that is now Matt’s Ice Cream was previously a hospital located in Fort Morgan. By the 1920s, the population of Fort Morgan has deteriorated so much that the decision was made to float the building up the Bayou, place it on tree stumps, and utilized it to serve anti-prohibitionists. Today, thankfully, you can enjoy a bit of tasty ice cream in a historical shopping plaza.

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The Mill (Formerly known as Windmill Market)

The Mill, formerly known as Windmill Market, is a community-driven endeavor known locally as “a place for family and friends to smile, eat, drink, and play!” Traditional shopping can empty your wallet, so why not shop somewhere that will at least fill you up! This is an open-concept space where anyone can come to enjoy themselves and shop for some delicious treats.

Suiting a variety of taste buds, The Mill has something for everyone. Journey on over to Ox Kitchen where their delectable food creations draw on southern inspiration, terming itself “new southern casual.” Their pursuit of perfection will leave your taste buds tingling. If that is not your style, pop over to Sea Wolf for a casual, laid-back seafood dining experience or Mary Ann’s where you can choose from a variety of sandwiches, salads, and other simple foods. Just don’t forget to stop by Sundae School for dessert where you will be treated to some old-fashioned ice cream that is phenomenal.

ice cream

Pelican Place at Craft Farms

Shops in the Gulf Shores are often local, artisan shops, but for a more commercialized shopping experience, stop in at the Pelican Place at Craft Farms. Do not be mistaken, Pelican Place has a variety of local shops, but it is one of the few shopping plazas to host big-name stores. Target, Books-A-Million, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Publix have all made themselves at home at Pelican Place and offer a wide variety of shopping experiences for you to partake in.

After the shopping has wrapped up, why not check out a new film? At Pelican Place at Craft Farms, simply visit Cobb Pinnacle 14 movie theaters located amongst all the stores and put your mind at ease. Once the film has finished, complete your shopping experience by grabbing a bite to eat. Choose from a variety of restaurants to satisfy your palate. There is something for everyone at Pelican Place whether it be a juicy steak, southern fare, American cuisine, or even an old-fashioned pizza.

Gulf Shores Beach Houses

With so many shopping choices in the Gulf Shores area, it is almost impossible to enjoy all of them in one day and you shouldn’t have to. Instead of trying to squeeze them all in, why not stay with us instead? At Fort Morgan Property Management, we offer a variety of Gulf Shores rentals that will be guaranteed to help ease your shopping experience and allow you to fully submerse yourself in it. Come back to one of our vacation rentals, put your feet up, and get ready for another full day of shopping.