Where is Fort Morgan?

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The Alabama gulf coastline holds plenty of prized treasures. From the many museums and historic sites to the rich birdwatching and extensive hiking trails, there are so many nooks and crannies to explore at the very edge of Alabama.

Right on the coast of Alabama is the community of Fort Morgan. It makes for an exquisite and highly-sought vacation destination, both for those in the state and travelers across the United States. Below is your go-to guide for driving directions and travel information for Fort Morgan, AL.

Alabama Gulf Coast

Fort Morgan is a small community that can be found on the furthest western point of what is called the Fort Morgan Peninsula. It is a cozy and quaint enclave on the furthest reaches of Alabama’s rich gulf coast.

They say that the journey is half the fun, but we say that it’s all about the destination. Check out the gorgeous, beachfront homes you can stay in on your vacation to Fort Morgan.

Boat travelers coming from the Gulf of Mexico proper into the Mobile Bay typically pass through a tight passage, with Fort Morgan to their right and Dauphin Island to their left.

The Fort Morgan community is perhaps most well-known for the cherished historic Fort Morgan for which it is named. This cultural landmark was a distinct military base with a wonderful history, and has stood for well over 150 years. Tours and events are open throughout the year.

Driving from Gulf Shores to Fort Morgan

If you are driving to Fort Morgan, you can’t get there without passing Gulf Shores which is located at the base of the peninsula, unless you make part of the trip by ferry. It is about a 30-minute drive from Gulf Shores to Fort Morgan, and an almost direct shot along Fort Morgan Road.

Driving to Fort Morgan from Mobile, Alabama

Fort Morgan is about a 90-minute drive from Mobile, Alabama. From Mobile, you would head eastbound on I-10 and cross the Jubilee Parkway bridge then to Al-59 S which will take you past several small towns including Loxley, Robertsdale, Summerdale and Foley before you arrive at Gulf Shores.

Once you are in Gulf Shores, you make a right at Fort Morgan Road which takes you straight to Fort Morgan. You are essentially navigating around the massive Mobile Bay.

Ferry from Dauphin Island

From Mobile, Alabama, you can also choose to head to I-10 W and then to AL-193 S to Dauphin Island which has its share of attractions to check out including Fort Gaines. Then take the Mobile Bay ferry which arrives directly in Fort Morgan.

Visit the Mobile Bay Ferry website for updated information on the ferry times, as it runs year-round and carries vehicles but will typically have a final departure from Fort Morgan around 6:30 p.m.

This trip takes a total of about 90 minutes as well (including ferry transport time) and gives you the chance to stop in Dauphin Island for some rest and sightseeing before visiting.

Driving to Fort Morgan from Pensacola, Florida

Orange Beach, Alabama is about 15 minutes directly east of Gulf Shores. If you are heading from Mobile, you will not pass through Orange Beach.

Heading southwest out of Pensacola, however, you will pass through Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and then to Fort Morgan.

From Pensacola, FL 292 W will take you right to Perdido Key which turns into AL-182 W at the Alabama border. Continue on AL-182 W into Orange Beach and head west to reach Gulf Shores.

Turning right on Alabama’s Coastal Connection will lead you right into Fort Morgan Road in Gulf Shores which then will take you to Fort Morgan, with a total trip time of under 90 minutes.

Closest Airports

Where is the closest airport to Fort Morgan? A top airport for many people heading to the Fort Morgan area is the Pensacola International Airport. It is only about an hour and a half drive to Fort Morgan, with a beautiful scenic route along the water as described above.

Others may prefer using the Mobile Regional Airport, especially if they want to see top Mobile attractions. The USS Alabama is located on the city. It is also home to some iconic Civil War era forts, such as the Colonial Mobile.

The Mobile Regional Airport is located on the west side of Mobile. It is slightly under a 2-hour drive from the airport straight to Fort Morgan.

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Reward yourself with a special trip to Fort Morgan. Take the time to see the isolated ocean views, the warm beaches, and fascinating wildlife. Explore historic attractions and world-class public golf courses. Fort Morgan is Alabama’s little majestic gem.